Oct 10 2010

How to Clean Sponge Daubers

Stampin Up Canada Sponge Daubers


Happy 10/10/10! The tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year.


My office was a mess and I have been spending some time cleaning it up and putting things away over the last few days. My supplies all have homes and most drawers are even labelled but when I get busy I tend to start piling things up instead of putting them away. Once I can no longer think and be creative in my office it’s time for a major clean up.

Yesterday I decided to tackle my drawer of sponges and sponge daubers pictured below. Some daubers had been used with chalks, some with craft ink and some with classic ink. The sponge daubers had been used in every colour under the rainbow. 


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Stampin Up Canada Sponges


Someone had once recommended cleaning my sponge daubers in the washing machine so I decided to give it a try.

I placed the sponge daubers into a lingerie bag and washed them in my washing machine in cold water on the hand wash cycle,


Sponge Daubers in a Lingerie Bag 


Once washed, the sponge daubers were still stained with colour but it was noticeably lighter on many of the sponge daubers.

I left the sponge daubers standing upright overnight to dry.


Stampin Up Canada Sponge Daubers After


To see if washing the sponge daubers in the washing machine had made a difference, I took the sponge daubers that were stained with the darkest colours and ran them across a piece of Whisper White cardstock. 

To my surprise, the sponge daubers did not transfer any colour to the paper.


Stampin Up Canada Sponge Daubers Clean


I am still planning to use my sponge daubers with similar colours to those they were used with previously but I think cleaning the daubers will let me use many of them for a longer time.

One drawer down, so many to go!

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  1. Karen Brownon 16 Nov 2015 at 1:11 am

    Thank you for sharing how to clean the daubbers. I need to get going and clean mine.

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