Feb 17 2010

Simply Adorned, How Charming!

Simply Adorned

Stampin’ Up! and Jewelry?  Who’d have thought it?

But here it is. And I have received so many compliments on my chains and charms.

Simply Adorned charms are lockets–they open up so you can insert your custom stamped image. The Charming stamp set, along with Rub-Ons, glitter, ribbons, and other embellishments, can help you create your unique charm insert. And don’t forget that you can embellish the chains with ribbon, felt flowers . . . the possibilities are endless! The frame surrounds tempered beveled glass on the front and flat glass on the back. Because there’s glass on both sides of the charm, you can display an image on one side or both. You can create a custom heirloom piece that you’ll never want to change, or you can swap artwork in and out, depending on your mood and your wardrobe.

And although we designed Simply Adorned charms to be jewelry, they also make delightful key chains or ornaments. Insert a stamped image or photo of your loved ones, tie a ribbon through the clasp, and you’re done!

To start, I recommend purchasing the 34" chain as it can be worn long or wrapped around the neck twice for a shorter necklace as I’m wearing it below.

Simply Adorned Charm

Or maybe you prefer a bracelet. The bracelets are 8" long with a toggle close so they can be shortened if necessary. Also, for more options, you can tie some pretty ribbon to either end of the bracelet and wear it around you neck for a different look.

All of the Simply Adorned pieces come in a stylish chocolate chip box perfect for gift giving. Even if the gift is for you.

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 Sinply Adorned


Click Here to see the full Simply Adorned product line on page 28 of the Occasions Mini catalogue and start creating your own fun to wear pieces.

 Charming Stamp Set

Charming Stamp Set     $26.95, #116519


Don’t think it, ink it!  

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