Rubber Stamping Resolutions



As a new year begins, anything is possible.


I don’t make many New Years resolutions but there are always a few small things I want to focus on more including in my rubber stamping. 




So, here are my stamping resolutions for 2011: 


1. Put my stamping supplies away as soon as I am finished using them. No more eating dinner at the coffee table for a week until mom gets the kitchen table cleared off.


2. Actually give away the cards I make. I tend to hoard my finished cards thinking I just might need it again for some reason. No more! My resolution is to take a photo of the card so I have it for reference and actually mail or give the card away to someone. I love to receive cards in the mail, doesn’t everyone?


3. My stamping business resolution is to make more videos to share on this blog (at least 3 per month). Do you have an idea for a video? Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail and let me know a topic you would like to see. 


How about you? Did you make any stamping resolutions for this year? Please leave a comment below and share them with me. Thanks! 


Don’t think it, ink it!